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American Gourmet has been serving fine homes  throughout New England and the Northeast since 1986.  We offer the convenience of home delivery and the finest Grass Fed Gourmet beef, Poultry & Sushi Grade Seafood! Our Choice Cuts and Prepared Dishes are  Vacuum Sealed & Flash Frozen and ready for your freezer!

Our Finest Chateaubriand!
A customer once referred to our Chateaubriand as "Heaven in a box."
The heart of the beef tenderloin.

Nature's Best Alaskan King Crab Legs


This Season's
Prepared Seafood

By our Baltimore Chef!

Maryland Crab Cakes - $89
18 Jumbo Lump - 5 Oz. Servings
85% Crab!!!

Seafood Stuffed Scallop Shells - $59
12 - 7 Oz.
Jumbo Servings!!!

Coconut Crusted Talapia - $59
13 - 7-8 Oz. Filets
With Mango, Papaya and Panko Crumbs!!!

More Seafood...


Home Delivery

Our Top 10 Selling Items!

Hatfield Baby Back Ribs - $80
4 Full Racks - Fully Cooked

NY Sirloin Tips - $155
10 - 12 Oz. USDA Choice

Bourbon Sirloin Steaks - $105
12 - 8 Oz. Coulade

Faroe Island Salmon Filets - $80
13 - 8-7 Oz.

Real Jumbo Shrimp - $75 Cooked/ $70 Raw
16 - 20 Ct. - 4 Lbs. Pealed & Deveined Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)

Jumbo Diver Sea Scallops - $105
10-20 Ct. - 5 Lbs.

Bourbon Chicken - $75
18 - 6 Oz. Servings

Chicken Fajita (All-Natural Perdue)- $115
10 Lbs. - Fully Grilled Air Chilled Strips

Chicken Fingers (Bell Evans) - $115
10 Lbs. - Pre-Breaded, Pre-Browned, Oven Ready, Air Chilled & Still Raw


Portion size and count may vary. 

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Our Winter Special!

Fresh Caught Sockeye Salmon Filets!

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Maryland Crab Cakes!
One of our most popular Seafood Items!

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Holiday Party!

Other Specialties

Maple Leaf Farms Roast Duck
Only $69!!!
6 - 12 Oz. Semi-Bonless
Full Roasted! 
Sweet and Tender!

Jumbo Lobster Ravioli
5 Lbs. Only $69!!!
100% Lobster Filling!

Cranberry Apple Stuffed
Chicken Breasts
Only $49!!!
12 - 8 Oz. Servings

Chicken Florentine
Only $59!!!
Puff Pastry Outside!
Spinach and Cheddar Inside!

12 - 8-10 Oz. Servings

Hot New Items!

Asian Fusion Hors d'Oeuvres!
98 In All - Only $79!!!
Lobster Rangoon!
Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls!
Szechuan Scallop Cakes!

Spinach and Fontina
Boneless Stuffed Pork Chops
Only $59!!!
12 - 8 Oz. or 10 - 10 Oz.

Get $20.00 off your 5th box and $60.00 off a purchase of 10 boxes! 

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All products are procured through federally inspected processors, guaranteed to meet the highest  regulatory standards, and are delivered in industry standard packaging used to supply the finest hotels and restaurants.  American Gourmet guarantees the highest quality, lowest price home-food service in the Northeast.  


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